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February 2018

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Idaho Falls,ID,United States

Member Since:

Oct 15, 2016



Goal Type:

Boston Qualifier

Running Accomplishments:

My slow and steady marathon progression (left out Huntsville 2015):

  • Salt Lake City Marathon 2014 (4:24:34)
  • Salt Lake City Marathon 2015 (3:41:55)
  • St George Marathon 2016 (3:37:44)
  • Salt Lake City Marathon 2017 (3:28:49)
  • St George Marathon 2017 (3:11:52)
  • St George Marathon 2018 (3:02:43)

Half marathons (Missing several):

  • Provo Haunted Half 2014 (1:40:31)
  • Utah Valley Half 2015 (1:34:30.1)
  • Inaugural Everglades Half 2016 (1:36:28)
  • Canyonlands Half 2017 (1:33:22)
  • Bryce Canyon Half 2017 (1:31:49)
  • Pocatello Half 2017 (1:32:04)

Short-Term Running Goals:

Running under 3:00 at the Ogden Marathon in May 2019!

Long-Term Running Goals:

Finishing a marathon in under 3 hours. This is actually my goal in my upcoming marathon in May 2019.


Happily married with one kid. Chemical engineer, now studying statistics. Although I've always maintained a healthy level of fitness, I didn't pick up running until junior year at BYU. Now I live in Idaho, where I leave for work at 5am and don't get home until 5:40pm. I try to get a short run in before work and on a blue moon I do a little something else after work. Some might call that a weekend warrior, but I make an honest effort during the week as well. Say hello!

Miles:This week: 0.00 Month: 128.00 Year: 2632.08
Skechers GOmeb Razor Lifetime Miles: 825.67
Skechers GOrun 5 Lifetime Miles: 774.34
Saucony Guide 10 Lifetime Miles: 320.91
ASICS GEL-Contend 4 Lifetime Miles: 32.69
Total Distance
Skechers GOmeb Razor Miles: 36.98Skechers GOrun 5 Miles: 81.65
Total Distance

6.4 in the early AM. Felt weird at the end of it, and the feeling went away completely 5 minutes after I stopped running. (6.4 in 49:35)

2.6 easy before dinner (2.6 in 20:30)

Basketball with the EQ at 9pm. This was my first time trying a sport other than running in years, and I was quite terrible. Luckily it was with a fun group.

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Total Distance

Ran outside at lunch time today. SE Idaho has been having an amazing winter. (7.03 in 59:15)

Around the neighborhood before dinner. (3.78 in 32:09)

Skechers GOmeb Razor Miles: 3.78
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Total Distance

Mild aerobic builder in the early morning. (15.7 in 2:00:25)

I've been recovering slowly from soreness all week, and I'm not sure why. Going to skip my afternoon jaunt and get a longer rest.

Skechers GOrun 5 Miles: 15.70
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Total Distance

4.4 in 35:00 @ 3% incline. Didn't have as much time at lunch today.

3.4 in 25:45 w/ 6x30sec strides w/ 1 min recoveries

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Total Distance

Lunch time workout. 5x1 mile at threshold pace. Averaged around 7:00/mile. Definitely NOT back where I was pre-tendinitis. I feel like I'm relearning how to run fast. (7.04 in 53:18)

Total Distance

6.48 in 52:01 at lunch time. It was a progress easy to moderate run with a few strides. I was pleasantly surprised to not have any soreness from yesterday's workout, considering how little hard effort I've been doing lately.

5 in 38:44 on the treadmill before dinner. Feeling really good today.

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Total Distance

6.33 easy at lunch time in 53:06

3 easy before "dinner". Just a five-minute rush to mix edible things and eat before scouts really. Still good though.

Skechers GOmeb Razor Miles: 3.00
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Total Distance

Easy-moderate long run. Slowly accelerated to goal marathon pace (7:09/mi) and then back down (19.8 in 2:30:40)

Skechers GOrun 5 Miles: 19.80
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Total Distance

Easy after lunch on treadmill. (10.7 in 1:22:14)

Skechers GOmeb Razor Miles: 10.70
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Total Distance

6.3 easy miles at lunch time. (6.3 in 49:26)

2.6 easy before dinner. Really fun night with family! (2.6 in 20:14)

Skechers GOmeb Razor Miles: 2.60
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Total Distance

5.5 easy with strides at lunch time. The first 5 minutes had to be on the hamster wheel since the power was out for some construction work. Also some strength training. (5.5 in 42:26)

2.7 easy before dinner. (2.7 in 20:58)

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Total Distance

Early workout (for a work day).

5x1mile @ lactic threshold (9-9.1mph) w/ a strong last minute on the last one (one minute at 6:00/mi). This workout felt surprisingly easier than I was expecting. I was tempted to go harder, but this is the level of fitness I was at pre-tendinitis, and I decided to log this one the way I would expect it to go, and then try a little harder next week. This got me pumped!

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Total Distance

6.4 easy at lunch time. (6.4 in 49:31)

2.7 easy in 20:18. Right before our Valentine's Day dinner. We do V-Day dinner before or V-Day, and we do it with out kid, but still fun. Tried out Arugula Deli, a more unique restaurant that is pretty good. I had a delicious quinoa beet salad. (2.7 in 20:18).

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Total Distance

6.6 with strides at lunch time. (6.6 in 40:18)

5.1 before dinner. I guess we are in a quinoa mood. Today's dinner was quinoa with roasted butternut squash, zuchini, and red onion. (5.1 in 40:18)

Skechers GOmeb Razor Miles: 5.10
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Total Distance

Good workout today. 15 miles at goal marathon pace (7:09/mile) on the treadmill. The ice outside is mostly gone, but the wind has made me a chicken. I was feeling most exhausted about 5 miles into this workout, then started feeling steadily better throughout the rest of the run. 

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Total Distance

6.6 with strides at lunch time (6.6 in 49:50)

2.9 easy before dinner (2.9 in 22:32)

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Total Distance

Solid workout at lunch time. 3x(2miles threshold with 2 minute recovery). This was a tought workout the last time I did it, which was in my last training cycle for the STG marathon. It went really well, and I even picked up the pace in the last mile of the last split with a good kick. Normal pace was 6:40/mi. Last mile was 6:34-6:20/mi, with the last minute as a 6:00/mi kick. (7.3 in 50:03)

3 easy miles before dinner. (3 in 23:57)

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Total Distance

6.3 easy at lunch time. Definitely feel slightly sluggish after yesterday's workout. (6.3 in 49:31)

3 easy before dinner.

Skechers GOrun 5 Miles: 3.00
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Total Distance

Opened up my running bag at work. Found that I had packed a shirt, boxers, and...another shirt...oops! No running today

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Total Distance

Good easy long run, slowly picking up the pace while staying comfortable. Felt really good (20 in 2:32:16)

Skechers GOrun 5 Miles: 20.00
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Total Distance

Easy 90 minutes. Kinda tired though...

Skechers GOmeb Razor Miles: 11.80
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Total Distance

In Tucson for a week of training. Running on the Santa Cruz River Parker. 8.04 miles in the morning with strides. 8.17 in the evening.

Skechers GOrun 5 Miles: 16.21
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Total Distance

9.05 in the morning on the Santa Cruz River parkway trail with a fast final mile.

4.34 in the evening in the neighborhood around the Tucson temple. There were some good hills for incline training and the temple was also beautiful. It has a Jerusalem-like dome design.

Skechers GOrun 5 Miles: 4.34
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Total Distance

Woke up to a power outage. Finally came on at 6am. I went to the hotel gym and used the loudest treadmill I've ever heard for 5 miles.

2.6 during lunch break (2.6 in 20 minutes)

Skechers GOrun 5 Miles: 2.60
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Total Distance
Skechers GOmeb Razor Miles: 36.98Skechers GOrun 5 Miles: 81.65
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