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August 2018

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Idaho Falls,ID,United States

Member Since:

Oct 15, 2016



Goal Type:

Boston Qualifier

Running Accomplishments:

My slow and steady marathon progression:

  • Salt Lake City Marathon 2014 (4:24:34)
  • Salt Lake City Marathon 2015 (3:41:55)
  • St George Marathon 2016 (3:37:44)
  • Salt Lake City Marathon 2017 (3:28:49)
  • St George Marathon 2017 (3:11:52)

Half marathons:

  • Provo Haunted Half 2014 (1:40:31)
  • Utah Valley Half 2015 (1:34:30.1)
  • Inaugural Everglades Half 2016 (1:36:28)
  • Canyonlands Half 2017 (1:33:22)
  • Bryce Canyon Half 2017 (1:31:49)
  • Pocatello Half 2017 (1:32:04)

Short-Term Running Goals:

Running under 3:10 at Salt Lake City Marathon in April 2018

Long-Term Running Goals:

Finishing a marathon in under 3 hours!


Happily married with one kid. Chemical engineer. Although I've always maintained a healthy level of fitness, I didn't pick up running until junior year at BYU. Now I live in Idaho, where I leave for work at 5am and don't get home until 5:40pm. I try to get a short run in during lunch time at work and then a little something else after work. Some might call that a weekend warrior, but I make an honest effort during the week as well. Say hello!

Miles:This week: 49.98 Month: 146.22 Year: 1709.94
Skechers GOmeb Razor Lifetime Miles: 506.11
Skechers GOrun 5 Lifetime Miles: 623.56
Saucony Guide 10 Lifetime Miles: 177.80
Total Distance
Skechers GOmeb Razor Miles: 46.73Skechers GOrun 5 Miles: 43.16Saucony Guide 10 Miles: 29.90
Total Distance

Early in. 5.22 in 41:31. Picked up the pace towards the end towards a moderate effort. Felt really good. Taking Thursday and Friday off this week and travelling through several rural parts of Utah to visit family!

Skechers GOmeb Razor Miles: 5.22
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Total Distance

Morning run in Provo. Not rural, but it was a good halfway point and a chance to catch up with good friends. Did a lot of hills. Rock Canyon trailhead and Y trailhead included in those hill climbs. Also ran past the new engineering building at BYU. A much needed addition for the growing body of engineering students there. (8.81 in 1:20:08)

Skechers GOrun 5 Miles: 8.81
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Total Distance

Morning run in Wales, Utah. Really nice run in Sanpete valley (12.1 in 1:38:46). The Manti temple sticks out noticeably even over 10 miles away and not even at night. Also went hiking with Cheyenne and Ellie in Maple Canyon. Hiked to Lookout Arch. Ellie is not used to hiking and was pouty. We'll have to take her more often, as this was a pretty easy trip (1.6 miles).

Skechers GOrun 5 Miles: 13.70
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Total Distance

Morning run in Joseph, Utah. Went through Sevier. Followed the paved path into the canyon somewhat, following Sevier River. If I had gone a little further, I would've arrived at Big Rock Candy Mountain. That is an interesting place, with old train cars turned into hotel suites. We may have to try it out someday. (10.43 in 1:24:08)

Skechers GOrun 5 Miles: 10.43
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Total Distance

Early in at work. Half outside on the 0.4 mile loop. Half on the treadmill. Did 6x30sec strides on the treadmill. (8.03 in 1:03:05)

Skechers GOmeb Razor Miles: 8.03
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Total Distance

Early in. Strides. (5.59 in 43:21)

Skechers GOmeb Razor Miles: 5.59
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Total Distance

Early in. 1.5 mile warm up outside and then to the treadmill for a short warm-up and a good workout. (10.04 in 1:12:40) 0.5E+3x1Tw/1minJg+4x3Iw/2minJg+6x200Rw/200Jg+CD

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Total Distance

Early in. Stopped because there might have been some ankle swelling, but I'm not sure. (7.12 in 57:44)

Skechers GOmeb Razor Miles: 7.12
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Total Distance

Early in. 6 outside then 4 on treadmill. (10.05 in 1:19:40)

Skechers GOmeb Razor Miles: 10.05
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Total Distance

Marathon-paced run all along the green belt and around the west side of town early this morning. Started with a 20 minute warmup, then did 14 miles, by feel, at marathon pace. Was very happy to be able to hold an average pace of 7:30/mile with a "reasonable marathon effort". I brought my HR monitor and my HR generally stayed in the low 150s, which is where I want to be. It didn't go over 160 for any single mile, and the highest was 157 on mile 11. The path I ran was by no means flat but it certainly was harder than what STG will be in 8 weeks. Last year I finished STG averaging a 7:20 pace. If this workout wasn't a fluke (I tend to agree with the philosophy that no single good workout is a "fluke"), then I think it is not unrealistic to try and set a PR at this upcoming race. In the last 6 months I didn't have any aspirations like this with all the setbacks I'd been facing. Now I think I may have a decent chance at coming back to my previous best level of fitness. I've learned a lot from my injuries and illnesses, now hopefully I can exercise and eat more correctly to improve for STG! Pretty excited!

17.25 in 2:11:47 (that was 14 marathon miles in 1:45:07 averaging 7:30.5 per mile)

Saucony Guide 10 Miles: 17.25
Total Distance

Early in. Strides on the treadmill. (5.1 in 39:25)

Skechers GOmeb Razor Miles: 5.10
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Total Distance

Early in. Very relaxed run on the loop. (5.62 in 45:14)

Skechers GOmeb Razor Miles: 5.62
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Total Distance

Warm-up on the road, then small workout on the treadmill. 2x2T with 2 minute recovery. Last 0.2 miles at the very end were a kick. T = 8.9 mph, kick = 10mph. (6.08 in 43:01)

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Total Distance

Easy early run on the greenbelt. My dad and grandmother are visiting for my daughter's dance recital, so today is going to be a fun day! (10.22 in 1:24:14)

Skechers GOrun 5 Miles: 10.22
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Total Distance

Early pre-road trip run. Some good strides at the end. (10.31 in 1:24:00)

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Total Distance

Downhill training for STG. Ran from our Airbnb in Cottonwood Heights up into Big Cottonwood Canyon. Kept a pretty controlled pace going up and tried to open up on the way down. No joint discomforts, and I think this would've been the run for them to rear their ugly heads again. Turned around near the Lake Blanche trailhead. Estimated 1400' elevation gain (and then loss). (12.65 in 1:47:22)

Saucony Guide 10 Miles: 12.65
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Total Distance
Skechers GOmeb Razor Miles: 46.73Skechers GOrun 5 Miles: 43.16Saucony Guide 10 Miles: 29.90
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